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   "Art is not what you see,

   but what you make others see."

   Edgar Degas                       

   Truth, beauty, and goodness

    are inseparable.

Currently CARDS are printed on 5"x7" subtly textured linen or fine art cotton rag paper. Matching white envelopes are included. They are sold individually or in boxed sets of six, two each of 3 different cards. Or you can choose whatever combination you want. They are available through me and at the following locations:

Classic City Fine Furnishings, located in Athens, Ga. The store is an upscale resale "boutique" center for furniture and home decor. It also serves as a storefront for The Finishing Touch Interior Design. It is owned by Debra Simpkins, who is a very "classy" lady herself. The address is 230 Old Epps Bridge Rd.

Grayson City Arts and History Center.  Rosebud Road, next to the park.

(Designing cards is such a delightful outlet for me that I may end up making more than this page can hold!)

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